Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How we save money on laundry

For our first few years of apartment living, we had apartment-sized washers and dryers.  Not only were we not able to do much in them but they were not energy efficient.

When it was time to replace them, we went to our local Sears and first purchased a High Efficiency Kenmore washer and then later a dryer.   The people at Sears were wonderful throughout the process including taking away the old ones and setting up the new ones for us.  We did get the extended warranty and when, after two years, we had a problem with the washer (my fault), a very helpful repair person came over and solved the problem very quickly.

Not only are they much more energy efficient than the smaller ones, but we can safely do three times as much laundry at a time reducing how many loads we need to do per week, which also helps to save electricity.  They are definitely a good choice for a frugal family.

I hope to have our Kenmore Series 100 top load washer 110.2022*410 and Kenmore Series 500 Moisture Sensing Dryer for many years to come but when it is time to replace them, we will definitely be looking to Sears again for our next washer and dryer.

Our Sears Kenmore Washer and Dryer
Our Sears Kenmore Washer and Dryer have made our life so much easier,
in addition to saving us money on our electric bill.

I watch a lot of frugal videos on YouTube.  Kelly at said that one of the ways she saves money is using dryer balls. 

I found some at Walmart.  They have reduced drying time and cut out the need for dryer sheets.   I recommend that other frugal families give them a try.

Wool Dryer Balls
The Wool Dryer Balls we picked up at Walmart also save us money on our laundry

Given how much laundry our cats create since they both get sick regularly (Feline Leukemia), it is only right that we close out this post with them as they prepare to settle in for a nap behind my wheelchair.

Our cats create a lot of laundry
Johnny and Night look innocent here but due to their Feline Leukemia,
they get sick a lot, increasing our laundry loads

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  1. yes the dryer balls are effective and they last a really long time. they do sound like you are drying your whole cat instead of just the accumulated hair (thump thump thump)


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