Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Our Privacy Disclaimer

This is a Blogger website.    Blogger (Google) is the only one that has cookies on this website that collect data.  They are also the only ones that collect your email address (or any other identifying information on you) should you choose to sign up to follow our blog via email.

If you leave a comment on our blog, we will see whatever information you leave in your comment but other than that we do not collect any personally identifying information on any visitors to our site.

There are some referral links on our site, such as the ones on Our Referral Links, where we will receive some type of compensation if you follow the link and sign up for the program.   We have indicated each time this is the case.   Any time we do not include a clear disclaimer on a post that it contains a referral link, any links on the page are only for the use of the reader if they wish to learn more about the topic we are discussing.

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