Sunday, April 28, 2019

Our Referral Links For Our Favorite Money Saving / Earning Apps

Our frugal family uses a variety of money saving apps in order to keep our two finicky felines living the lifestyle to which they prefer to be accustomed.

If you wish to try any of these out, we would love it if you would sign up using our links as that will send a little extra money our way for cat treats and other items to keep our kitties happy and willingly posing for the photos of them that we share on    You will receive a bonus of some type (information below) when you sign up for any of these.  Note that we do not receive any personal information on you when you sign up with these other than an acknowledgement that you have done so.

Ibotta referral code:   vabrjhl
- money back when grocery shopping - we average between $10 - $20 back per shopping trip with Ibotta, the money can be redeemed via PayPal or as gift certificates.  You get a $10 sign up bonus when you use our (or anyone else's) referral code to sign up.

Fresh Steps (cat litter) referral code:
- We use a lot of Fresh Step Clean Paws cat litter as we have found it to be the best for being non tracking.   Having our wheelchairs constantly running over other cat litters that the cats tracked around and grinding it into our floors was not a good thing.   Every time we empty a box, we go to Fresh Step and enter the code to get points.  We get a coupon for a free 25 pound box of cat litter each time we reach 750 points.    When you join and enter your codes from your litter purchases, you will accumulate points you can use for Fresh Steps rewards including a free box of cat litter.


- earn Swagbucks doing everything from filling out surveys to watching videos and playing games.  If you do your online shopping via the Swagbucks portal, you also get Swagbucks for that.   We use our Swagbucks to get gift cards.  We average about $75 a month in gift cards that we use mainly to buy groceries.    The Swagbucks sign up bonus varies so I cannot list what you will receive at any specific point in time for signing up with our referral code.

Fetch referral code:   N3XME   
- points back from entering grocery receipts, the points can be turned in for gift cards and other rewards.  You will receive 2000 Fetch points when you scan your first receipt and so will we.

Shopkicks referral code:   FREE198852 
- shopkicks can be obtained not only from making purchases but for scanning items in store and even for entering the store, kicks can be redeemed for gift cards   If you do your first walk-in (get points for entering the store) or product scan within 7 days, we both get 250 shopkicks.

-  We don't use Ebates often but it is handy for the few places we shop where we cannot go through the Swagbucks portal.   If you do a lot of online shopping, you could potentially get a nice chunk of savings back from Ebates as long as you follow the installation directions so that they can see what you purchase.    If I understand the Ebates referral information correctly when you use our referral code to join and spend $25, you get $10 back and we receive $25.

Purina Cat Chow (dry cat food) referral code:
- We get points for redeeming the codes on the back of certain Purina dry cat food bags and for doing various cat related activities.  We even receive 10 points a day for logging in.  The points can be redeemed for various rewards.   Recently we received a coupon for a free bag of Purina One cat food so that we can do the 28 day challenge.   When you join and enter your codes from your Purina cat food purchases, you will accumulate points you can use for various rewards.

Tiger cat showing her belly
Johnny is ready to be admired

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