Saturday, April 27, 2019

Who we are

There are four of us in the family, two humans and two rescue cats.

We lead an interesting life as we each have medical challenges.  Both humans use wheelchairs and both felines have Feline Leukemia.

On February 2, 2019, Jamey unexpectedly lost his job, which reduced our monthly income by 60%.  Then on March 2, 2019, the transmission died on our 2000 Chevrolet Impala.  Fixing it would have cost more than the car was worth.   We live in a small town in Louisiana, where there are no taxi cabs, Lyft or Uber rides.  So without a car, it became almost impossible for Jamey to go out to look for a new job.     He has thus been focused on ways to earn income online instead.

We were already living a fairly frugal lifestyle before the job and car loss including cutting our own hair and not using anything but very basic soap, shampoo and conditioner.    We stick to whatever we can get the cheapest using Ibotta or, etc.   Neither of us colors our hair and I don't wear any make-up or nail polish.   We do not get manicures or pedicures or go to tanning spas or for massages, etc.

If you are interested in using Ibotta, please consider using our referral code vabrjhl  (to be used at  Thank you.

We used to average between $10 - $20 back per shopping trip with Ibotta when we were able to go to Walmart to shop ourselves.   That money could be redeemed via PayPal or as gift certificates. We used it for Walmart gift cards because ordering online using gift cards is the easiest way for us to do stock up orders on things like rice and dried beans, an important part of  Saving Money on Food for us.   Thankfully Walmart has recently begun to work with Ibotta to include receipts from Pickup and Delivery so we can use Ibotta again.   (There is a pickup service in the area called EZ-Street that we use to get our Walmart pickup groceries for us.)
 You get a $10 sign up bonus when you use our (or anyone else's) referral code to sign up. Disclaimer: We also get some cash when you sign up using our referral code (vabrjhl).

I am vegetarian, which also reduces our food bill.  Neither of us smokes or drinks.   We do not go to movies or parties and while we would occasionally eat out before, now with Jamey's job loss and our car loss, we no longer go to any type of restaurants either.

Despite our challenges, we have many things to be grateful for and we do our best to focus on those things, which is where the name of our blog comes from.   We are grateful for how many good things the four of us have in our lives including each other.

Since our income is very limited we practice frugality (to the extent that our cats will allow as they are very adamant about getting their daily treats, after which they will happily curl up for a nap).  This blog focuses mainly on the various ways that we earn income online combined with a mostly frugal lifestyle that lets us get by, with a sprinkling of pictures of and anecdotes about the cats who (in their minds) own us. 

Our cats napping together
Naptime is always better when you have a comfortable pillow

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