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Some Of The Ways We Earn Income Online

Since I handle the majority of the housework and cat care, Jamey usually brings in most of our income from his online jobs.   Our daily goal is to earn about $25 a day between the two of us combined.  There are many days when we don't reach our $25 goal for a variety of reasons, including each of our disabilities.    That, however, is the good thing about each of these work from home jobs - we are not required to do them on any set schedule.   We can choose to work on them when we are in good shape (sometimes for as little as one to 5 minutes at a time, depending on the job) or completely take a day (or more off) when we are in rough shape.

One of the main things that Jamey does is transcription on Rev.    Actually, we both do that but Jamey is far more advanced on the platform than I am.  I am still slowly working my way through the paid training transcriptions.  The work is challenging but it is a good way to learn new things while being paid as you can end up transcribing material on any topic.  Rev pays through PayPal.

We also both leave User Crowd (formerly Usability Hub) up on a tab on our desktops while working on other things.  This way we can see when a notification comes in that we have a job for them.  Most of their jobs take between 1 - 5 minutes to do and pay between 10 cents to 50 cents.    You may get four or five tasks a day from them some days and other days, not get any.  They also take at least 30 days to pay (via PayPal) once you reach at least $10 and submit your request for payment.   As the screenshot below shows, they are most definitely not a way to get rich but for us every little bit of extra over time does help.

Money I have earned from User Crowd
My earnings from UserCrowd since March 2018

Another thing we both do is Amazon's Mechanical Turk (Mturk).  There are actually people who do make a full time living off of Mturk, but most days, we don't earn more than $2 - $5 a day from it apiece.  (I will discuss an exception to that below.) 

The thing with Mturk is to use Hitscraper and Turkopticon (there are many YouTube videos to show you how to do that and check the Turkopticon ratings before accepting hits.    Between doing your best work on each hit and the Turkopticon ratings, you should be able to keep your rejection ratio low.  That is very important as the more hits you do while keeping your reject rate as low as possible, the better quality of hits you will be offered over time.   For example, I have recently qualified for a weekly series of hits that pay $16.00 apiece, i.e,. the aforementioned  exception.  Those hits come in just once a week but I am thrilled to have them because since I started doing them in early April, they have almost doubled my weekly earnings from Mturk as the screenshot below shows. 

The money from Mturk can either be cashed out to your checking account or sent to Amazon and added to your gift card account.   It is a great way to pay for things on Amazon without using credit cards.

Below are my total earnings from Mturk (including bonuses) since the beginning of 2018.  It also shows how many hits I have done overall and my rejections.   I am sharing this to show that even though (other than the recent weekly $16 hit), my daily earnings from Mturk are not usually very high, by working at it consistently, over time it does add up. 

My Mturk dashboard
My Mturk history, including earnings and rejections, since the beginning of 2018

I am going to add one last work at home job for today.  Jamey and I both use this one also.  We installed the Qmee app via the Google Play store and use it to do surveys on our android phones.  The Qmee link in the preceding sentence is just for the Google Play store which we are not affiliated with.   I do have an affiliate link for Qmee though:

If you chose to click on it and sign up with Qmee through it, I will earn 50 cents and you will earn 50 cents.   Qmee has an interesting set of options for their affiliate links.  They pay $1.00 for each person who signs up via your link.  You can choose to keep the whole $1.00 for  yourself, share it with the person who signs up through your affiliate link or give it all to them.  I have chosen the share option.

So far, I have earned $6.73 via Qmee.  I could have earned more if I used it more often but the important thing to note is that I have been paid by them (via PayPal) so I can verify that they are legitimate.  In fact, I really like the way they police their surveys to protect their users and do plan to start doing more of their surveys.

Doreen working on her desktop
Jamey and I each have our own wheelchair accessible workstation
where we work on our online work from home jobs most days.

Our frugal lifestyle is a mix of saving money in as many ways as we can, such as the things I wrote about in Saving Money on Food and How We Save Money On Laundry and bringing in income from our various work from home jobs.   We are signed up with a variety of platforms in addition to the ones that I wrote about here.  I will write about some of the others in the future.   I will only list ones that we have actually earned money from ourselves.   While Jamey and I don't earn a lot of money from these due to our health issues, it is possible for someone who was able to do more than we can to earn significantly more than we do from these "side hustles."

Please note that, except for Qmee where I have provided an affiliate link above, none of the other links on this page are affiliate links.   If you wish to click on the links and sign up, we will not receive any compensation.  We are providing the links for informational purposes only as we have been paid by each of these platforms and know that they are legitimate.  We cannot guarantee what your experience will be with each one.  We can only state that these are work at home platforms that we have had positive experiences with ourselves.

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