Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Birthday That Did Not Work Out As Planned

First let me give you our income for

June 7 and June 8, 2020

and then I will tell you about "A Birthday that Did Not Work Out As Planned."

June 7, 2020

Worked out reasonably well for us as Jamey was able to do two

Rev Transcriptions:  Total  $12.00

Although we did get a scare when he was not able to submit the first one in time because Rev was doing site maintenance.  Apparently, if you submit two of them late, you can be removed from Rev.  I did not know that or that Jamey had already submitted one late previously.   He sent a message to Rev customer service and explained that he was late because of being unable to submit it due to their site maintenance, and all worked out well.

My earnings for that day were

SurveyJunkie   - $0.60  (for a very long survey)
Qmee - $0.83 (for another very long survey)
Qmee - $1.14 for a survey that put me on a waiting list to qualify for a focus group that pays with a $25 Tango e-gift card.  I will note on the blog if I am selected to do it.
Qmee - $0.10 for getting kicked out of a survey that I had been working on for awhile
Mturk - $1.50

$4.17 total

plus the $12 from Jamey's Rev transcriptions brought us up to $16.17 for the day.

I also received a message from Shopkicks that we earned 104 shopkicks in May, 2020

I have been just using the videos to get Shopkicks since I have not left home since February 28, 2020 due to Covid-19.   Thus we are building our Shopkicks very slowly.  It is worth doing though as we can always use e-gift cards.

June 8, 2020

This was Jamey's birthday so the plans were for us to order food from Domino's since it is the only place nearby that delivers and has food that we can both eat and then to have Jamey spend the night playing with his birthday gift.  Thus I would have been the only one working on earning income that night.    Well that part happened - just barely.

I did earn

Appen $1.65 

and then my body shut down

so that $1.65 was our total earnings for June 8th.

What did not happen was Jamey getting to play with his birthday gift -

Logitech Gamepad F310 - Blue    (Note:  we do not have an Amazon affiliate account so this link is only for informational purposes.  We do not receive any benefit if you click it or purchase from it.)

Anyway, Jamey was not able to use it because the game emulators he was using it did not recognize it even though the operating system was seeing it.   While he was trying to figure this out, I asked him to help me figure out why my Kindle Touch was suddenly not connecting to our internet as I wanted to read myself to sleep.    Sadly, while he was trying to do that, he spilled his Coca Cola from our Domino's order all over his keyboard.

Long story short, despite his best efforts to rescue it (taking it apart to clean it and then using a fan to dry it), that was the end of that keyboard.  I was in no shape to get back up at that point, so I told him to use my computer to order a new keyboard for himself from Amazon and his choice was

RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,CHONCHOW Full-Sized Mechanical Computer Keyboard USB Wired Blue Switches for Windows PC Gamers (Black)  (As noted above, this is informational only.  We do not benefit in any way if you use this link.)

So with an income of only $1.65 for the day and an outgo of $26.99, that left us at a negative $25.34 for the day on June 8, 2020.

This was not the birthday celebration we had planned
Jamey didn't get to play with his new game controller,
his keyboard stopped working after a bath in Coca Cola
and we were left with a deficit of $25.34 for the day.

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