Monday, June 1, 2020

A New Beginning & Who Is This Blog For

Today is June 1, 2020.    The last time I posted on this blog was May 31, 2019, just about 1 year ago.

Many things, including the decision to renew our domain name, have been slowly building a fire under me to get back to blogging.   My health won't permit me to promise to blog everyday but I am going to try to write at least a few paragraphs on here most days to let people know how we are doing on our "online gig work" journey so that those who are interested in the same things can see what we do and what works best for us.

When I check out new online income ideas, I often get frustrated as the people writing about them are only repeating what someone else wrote and often have little to no experience with the actual venues themselves.   What I want to read is feedback from experienced users of the platforms that I am researching.

So if you have been researching work from home options and want to know the actual experience of a disabled couple earning income online, then we hope you will follow our blog and, perhaps even touch base with us in our comments, to let us know which platforms have and have not worked for you.

Since I have not written on here in awhile, I will briefly reintroduce us.   My 52 year old wheelchair bound Partner lost his job on February 2, 2019 and then the transmission in our 19 year old car died on March 2, 2019.   That left my Partner without a way to go look for another job.   Since then we have been finding ways to work online to bring in enough extra money to supplement my disability and small pension check which covers rent and utilities, etc. but doesn't leave enough for groceries and other supplies for us and our two Feline Leukemia positive rescue cats.

Some days are easier than others.   I have been very, very tired lately and short of breath so it has been harder for me to get through just my normal chores of taking care of our apartment and Jamey and the cats, so I have not been on my computer as much.   Thus yesterday all I earned was

  • .28 from
  • .29 from
  • and about 65 swagbucks
  • plus about 5 shopkicks (from watching the videos on the app)
  • and 5 cash karma points
Jamey earned two to three dollar doing various things on his computer.

That was definitely not one of our better days.   

Good days are ones when Jamey can earn $15 from doing a Rev transcription and/or I can earn $15 - $20 between Mturk and Appen, etc.   Normally, we shoot for about $12 - $15 a day total but have not been making that very often lately.  I am hoping this blog will act as an incentive to try to do more as our health permits.

As I mentioned above, if you do online work, we would love to know what works for you, and hope you will find what does, and does not, work for us to be useful data.

Shout out to Morris Invest whose live chat this morning with ideas for people who are disabled and homebound to earn income online was the final push that I needed to get this blog up and running again.

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