Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hand Injury Is Slowing Me Down

I've been slowed down as an injury to my left hand has me typing with only my right hand.   So let me try to catch up by posting

Our Online Income For June 9th, 10th and 11th

June 9, 2020

Jamey's keyboard, and thus his computer, was out of commission due to Coca Cola being spilled on his keyboard the previous night

my income:

Mturk:  $2.90
Qmee:   $0.77
Appen:  $1.65

Total: $5.27

June 10, 2020

I somehow* injured my left hand early this morning so I was mostly focused with finding ways to compensate until it heals rather than on earning income.    Jamey was helping me with that, and as always happens when I am injured or sick, less productive as he worries about me and spends extra time assisting me.

*I have osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) and sometimes get what are known as "spontaneous fractures," where I don't even know I have an injury at the time it occurs.  I realize it when I am suddenly dealing with pain, swelling and the inability to move a body part.  OI is genetic, so after a lifetime with it, I have learned to simply accept that I can be injured at any time, sometimes without even knowing exactly when or how it happened.  I keep the supplies at home to treat all but the worst injuries or else I would be constantly in and out of hospitals and doctors' offices.  (For anyone who is curious, my last dexa scan score (in 2018)  was -3.7 and the majority of my fractures are hairline fractures.)

So all we earned for that day was
Appen  $4.15

June 11, 2020

At my request, Jamey cut my hair very, very short today as with my right hand injured, I can't even manage things like putting it up in a ponytail.    Having it so short will make life easier for me while my hand heals.

Jamey said he made about $1.00 but he spent a chunk of the time doing the household chores that I normally would have done,

My earnings were:

Appen:  $9.00
Qmee: $1.00

which gave us about $11.00 for the day


Jamey's New RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Jamey's New RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  Yes, it has colored
lights and is loud but most importantly, it means he can earn income again.

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