Sunday, June 7, 2020

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day

as between the two of us, we only earned approximately $3.77 on June 6, 2020.

I spent most of the time doing household chores, which takes a lot out of me.  Thus my only income for the day was

Appen - $1.65

Jamey earned $2.12   His breakdown for the day was:

Qmee and Mturk combined - $2.00
Inbox Dollars $0.12

He said that most of the Mturk hits available to him said he had already done them and could not do them again.    Note that we don't search for Mturk hits directly on Mturk, we use Hit Scraper to filter them for us and then check the Turkopticon reviews to see which ones it makes sense to do.

Jamey only recently crossed the 1000 hit mark which has begun to open new hits up for him.   I have completed 3,185 hits and am slowly making my way towards my next goal post of 5,000 hits as that should be the level that another tier of hits opens up for me.  I have an approval rating of 99.94% on Mturk.   According to the Mturk blog regarding "qualifications and worker task quality best practices,"

Requesters have seen that Number of HITs Approved (above 5000) and HIT Approval Rate (above 95%) have a significant effect on the overall quality of results. 

So that is what I am working my way towards, one hit at a time.    In order to keep my approval rating as high as possible, I tend to be choosy with which Mturk hits I accept and won't do them when I am not in good shape in order to reduce the chances of getting a hit rejected.

I also regularly correspond with requesters in order to provide them with additional data on their hits whenever I feel I have something that might be of use to them.   I have found that the vast majority of requesters are very pleased to receive this additional information as I have gotten very nice notes back from a lot of them.

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