Friday, June 5, 2020

Mturk bonuses are always a welcome surprise

Cat allergy(?) drove my left eye nuts on Wednesday and I ended up resorting to a generic Benadryl (Equate version) so my sleep schedule was off, nonetheless, between us we ended up with a little over $13 for the day.

Jamey earned about $2.50 between Qmee and Mturk and then after I slept off the "Benadryl," I was able to earn

  1. Appen - $2.50
  2. Qmee - $3.61
  3. Mturk - $4.62
$10.73 + $2.50 = approximately** $13.23 for Wednesday, June 4, 2020

*One of these hits already paid a bonus and we may have two more bonuses coming on today's Mturk hits. Jamey helped me with part of one of them.

**Jamey does not track his income to the penny the way I do so most of the time my figures for his daily income are based on the approximations he gives me for what he earned that day.  

Additionally, we both work on some longer term projects where we are paid by the project and do not try to break down how much we earn from them on a daily basis.  One example of this is an Accelerant project that we are paid $50 a month for that we each do part of the work on.

Also, as noted above, a couple of the Mturk hits may have earned bonuses.  I won't know if they have until I get the notice in email.


I am very happy to say that our new microwave arrived today.  It makes life so much easier when you work online as we do to be able to just quickly use the microwave to reheat coffee or tea or leftovers and not have to stop to cook when in the middle of a project.

Jamey has to do further follow-up re the extended warranty we have on the Hamilton Beach microwave that died on us (Hamilton Beach microwave went on permanent vacation) less than one year after we purchased it as everyone tells him he has to contact someone else about it.

Our brand new Toshiba Microwave oven
We hope our brand new Toshiba microwave oven will be happy
in our kitchen for many years to come, unlike our Hamilton Beach
which lasted less then a year (purchased August 2019).

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