Sunday, June 7, 2020

Not one of our better days

Our income for June 5, 2020

left a lot to be desired. 

I asked Jamey to focus on the Accelerant project that we get paid $50 a month to do so he didn't bring in any income for yesterday while he worked on that. (We only count that income on the day we get paid for it once a month - we take our payment for it in the form of Walmart gift certificates.)

As to myself, I managed to earn $8.98 before my body shut down and I had to rest.  Oh well, that is why I am on disability.  If I could manage to work full time, I wouldn't be on disability.   My earnings were from

Appen - $1.65
UserCrowd - $0.40
Mturk - $5.03
Inbox Dollars - $0.25
Qmee - $1.51
SurveyJunkie - $0.14 (total for getting kicked out of 5 different surveys)


I had really hoped to get up to at least $10 but long experience has taught me that when my body is shutting down, not to push it or I can end up in serious trouble.


One of the reason that I get bounced out of so many surveys is that we don't have a lot of the basic things that surveys take for granted most people have ranging from a car to a television set.  We also don't eat out in restaurants, go shopping in stores (other than Walmarts on very rare occasions) as we mainly order everything online (from Walmart or Amazon) and have it delivered because as two disabled people without a car, that makes life much easier for us.

That said, I am always looking for things that I can do that will allow me to be elgible for more surveys.   One of them is playing games.   Unfortunately the main game I play on my desktop is Sims 2 and that is not the type of game that most of the surveys want to know about.

Sometimes surveys will ask if I play an online multiplayer game.  I had been trying to interest myself in a Facebook game that others play so that I could say that I do but I just have not found one that captured my attention.   Having just found out that Neopets is creating a mobile friendly site (and can still be played on the desktop), I decided to sign back up since, after having not played in almost 15 years, they had deleted my account.

I am having fun exploring my old Neopets haunts and rediscovering favorite games.  I've even already set up my new Neopets bank account.  Now I will have to see if this lets me qualify for at least a few more surveys since I can now say that "yes, I am playing a multiplayer online game," although it not the type they are usually looking for when they ask that.    I am not about to start playing Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, etc. though.

Hopefully Neopets will continue to work even after Adobe flash stops functioning at the end of this year.   Supposedly HTML 5 will deal with that but Neopets seems to still be using their old site.  Perhaps the new Neopets Mobile is meant to address that issue. 

Crystal Rose is "in the zone" on Sims 2 as she blogs about tinkering
College graduate Crystal Rose is "in the zone" (see the glowing
 white fog around her) as she blogs about tinkering in Sims 2.

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