Tuesday, June 16, 2020

PINCHme Review - I Do NOT Recommend It

I have been getting more and more displeased with Pinchme.

The first reason that I don't recommend them

is they have been insisting that in order to get the free samples I do want, I have to accept and review free samples that I do not want.

For example, last time in order to get a few useful samples, we had to accept and "test" and review a sample of Goody's Hangover Powder. Since neither Jamey nor I drink any alcoholic beverages at all, this did not make a lot of sense.   I ultimately just had Jamey test it out for a headache he had.

Now tonight, they are offering a free sample of a universal charging power bank.  Jamey uses those a lot so that would be a good one for us to test and review but we cannot get that sample without accepting one of two offers that we have no use for.

The first one is for The I Can Read Book Club and the second one is for Disney's Wonderful World of ReadingWe have no children so why would we pay to buy children's books in order to get a free sample of a powerbank?

The second reason that I don't recommend them is 

that the review process when you do get a sample is getting more and more onerous.   Not only do you need to leave a review on Pinchme, something that I have no problem doing, but now they often want you to leave reviews on two or three external sites (such as Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) for each sample.   This is made worse by the fact that sometimes there are technical issues in trying to leave the external reviews.

They also have surveys (Qwizme) that allow you to qualify for points but I have also found those to be a waste of time as often they have no surveys for me and I rarely ever qualify for the few that they do offer to me. 

It makes much more sense for me to spend my time working on Appen, Qmee, Mturk, etc.

Thus if you are looking for a good free sample site, I suggest that you look somewhere other than Pinchme.

My Review - I do not recommend Pinchme
I would be interested in hearing if your experience with Pinchme is different from mine.

 I would also love to know if you can recommend a good free sample site that does not make you jump through such ridiculous hoops.



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