Friday, June 5, 2020

Thank goodness for Rev Transcriptions

Jamey used to be able to bring in at least $200 a month from Lionsbridge but now that he no longer has that option, thank goodness he still has Rev as he can earn $13 - $15 with one of the longer transcriptions.

Our income for Thursday, June 4, 2020, 

Jamey did a $2.00 Mturk hit that he received an email invitation for and an 8 hour Rev transcription (which he made it through in about 7 hours) for $13.00. 

Those two met our $15 for the day goal, which is good as all I was able to bring in was .50 from Qmee because my sleep schedule was way off.

So our total income for June 4, 2020 was $15.50.


That was a good day for us.  Some days are better than others so we are both continuing to keep an eye open for other sources of online income that we can do.  As states are opening back up and people are returning to work, there will begin to be less competition for some of the work we do, which will also help.

Of course, with all of the demonstrations going on across the country, chances are that the cases of Covid-19 will begin to accelerate again well before this Fall (it is already happening in some areas), in which case we may be again facing another nationwide lockdown and more competition again for the online work that we do. 

Time will tell.


Johnny would be happy if I didn't work online at all though as when I can, I use my rollator instead of my wheelchair and leave my wheelchair in front of my computer for her since she considers it her personal bed.   Yesterday, she got annoyed waiting for me to finish on my computer and decided to make her point by taking over my footrest instead, ignoring one of the beds I had set up for her right next to it.

Johnny taking over my foot rest
Johnny ignoring her cat bed (one of many she has throughout the apartment)
and choosing to take over my foot rest instead while she waited for me to give
up my wheelchair (which she considers to be her personal bed).

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