Tuesday, June 9, 2020

This is why Hit Scraper and Turkopticon are invaluable for Mturk

I am working on Mturk and saw a hit that came up light green on Hit Scraper.  That means that it is mostly a good requester but some people have registered concerns.  I checked out Turkopticon and found that at the end of this person's hits, they ask for an email address to register you for a lottery that they are holding.

That in and of itself would not have made me suspicious (although it is against the Mturk TOS to do so) but then I read that if you don't give your email address, they say you are not eligible for the hit and thus you don't get paid for the work that you did.     Now, that was a major red flag that this is not a legitimate requester but just someone who is trying to collect email addresses to go with whatever other demographic data they collected in the hit.  Once I saw that, I immediately added this requester to my block list on Hit Scraper so that I won't see them anymore.

If you use Mturk (or are considering doing so) and do not use Hit Scraper with Turkopticon,  I cannot suggest strongly enough that you do so as it will warn you about requesters like this.

There are many videos on YouTube that can help you get started with Hit Scraper.  One that I have found useful is

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