Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Unplanned Dominos Order After Not Sleeping

Yesterday, June 2, 2020, was less than a stellar day.  Normally our sleep hours are from 1 - 7 PM because we are on a special plan with CLECO where from May 1 through September 30th, we pay more for electricity between 1 - 7 PM in order to pay less the rest of the time all year round.   Since we work online, we have been able to adjust our sleep schedule so that we are up nights and mornings and sleep from 1 - 7 PM.

Yesterday afternoon though I was staying awake waiting for an Amazon package to be delivered.  Once I found out that it had been delayed, I tried to sleep and was just drifting off when a neighbor knocked to ask for a match for his barbecue.  I lent him our candle lighter and after he gave it back, I went back to try to sleep again when he knocked to ask to borrow it a second time.    After that, I could not get to sleep so got up at 7 PM to start getting some work done.

As I have been fighting a lot of fatigue in addition to an on and off sore throat, etc., the lack of sleep did not leave me in good condition last night.    I had Appen projects and household chores to do but was barely hanging on.  Without a microwave ( Our Microwave Took A Permanent Vacation) I could not easily heat up anything hot and did not have it in me to do any actual cooking then so I broke down and did something I rarely do on a spur of the moment basis, I ordered food from Dominos as it is the only local place that will deliver food that we can both eat.   That was definitely an unplanned expense:

June 2, 2020 - Domino's Pizza,  $41.00 total included two sandwiches for Jamey, a vegetarian sandwich and salad for me, $6.00 tip for driver, .57 St. Jude donation and $2.97 tax and $3.50 delivery charge

I did manage to get the two Appen projects done, total:   $6.50

and Jamey earned about .50 for a Qmee survey and that was that.

I was so wiped out after that and knew we had to be up early Wednesday morning for the wheelchair van to come pick Jamey up for his wound clinic appointment, that I told Jamey I was shutting down for the night at that point and suggested he do the same, which he did shortly after I did.

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