Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ways We Lose Out On Online Income

These are three examples of some of the ways we sometimes lose out on online work income:

1) Mturk

I gave up on an Mturk hit yesterday because the questions were meant for people working traditional jobs and the further I got into it the more I realized that the figures I was giving them which were based on a very variable income from online jobs were not going to make sense to them and I was going to risk getting the hit rejected.   

Thankfully, since I started Mturk in 2018, I have had only 2 hits rejected (in the very beginning when I was just learning the ropes).  That means with 3197 approved hits under my belt, I have an approval rating of 99.94%.   Keeping that very good approval rating increases the number of hits that I am eligible for so I work hard to try to keep hits from being rejected.  I would rather return one that I have put a lot of time into than have it rejected.  

The downside to that is, that when I do put a chunk of time into a hit and then decide to return it rather than risk it getting rejected, I lose income from that day as I could have been using the time I put into the returned hit to do something that I would have earned income for.

2) Qmee

Yesterday I put about 20 minutes into a Qmee hit and got the message that

We thank you for your time spent taking this survey.
Your response has been recorded.

however, it did not take me back to Qmee to credit me for it.  When I looked at Qmee again, it told me it was "in process."  Then when I accepted another Qmee hit, it just disappeared and I was never paid for it.   That happens occasionally but thankfully, it is fairly rare with Qmee.

This is another example of time lost that I could have earned income for if I had spent it on a survey that worked properly.

3) One last example

We also have a project that we have been doing for three months now where we are paid $50 a month (in gift cards) to keep a detailed online diary of our finances in Mint. 

Unfortunately, our bank was absorbed by a larger bank and when the two merged, we ended up with six weeks of duplicate banking data in Mint.   When Jamey prepared the data for export today, he noticed that Mint ignored the fact that we had marked a number of the items as duplicates so I spent several hours today going in and marking them as duplicates in other ways.  I emailed the group that we do this project for and let them know what happened.    

The hours that I spent working on fixing that though is time that was taking away from earning new income for today. 


Thankfully, these things are the exceptions rather than the rule but they happen often enough that they do make a dent in our online income earning.   So if you are just starting, or thinking about starting, earning income online, you need to beware that things like this will happen.  

This is one of the reasons it is hard to budget when you are an online gig worker.  The best we have found we can do is to set a daily earnings goal for ourselves and know that some days we will meet it, some days we will exceed it, and some days we won't even come close to our goal.  

(Since we are both disabled and have multiple physical limitations, our combined daily goal for the two of us is $15 total.  Yours will be higher or lower depending on your situation.)

Some of the Pitfalls of Earning Income Online
What type of issues have you run into earning income online?

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