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Weekly Round Up Post for June 13 - 19, 2020

We are going to post a once a week round up of what we have made on each of the things we do to earn income online.

There are a few other things that we do, but these are the ones that at least one of us has cashed out from in the past so we can verify from personal experience that each of these actually does pay out as promised.

Accelerant  monthly study has been submitted.  We should receive a $50 gift certificate for it in the next week.   I am putting this entry in, even though we have not been paid yet this month, because Jamey and I both spent a lot of extra time working on this study this past week due to technical issues (not the fault of Accelerant) and thus that cut into our income from other things.

Appen  I am an independent contractor for Appen and submit an invoice for the previous month at the beginning of the next month.  Thus far my invoice has $36.76 of completed work.   Note this is not all I have done for Appen in June as there is always a lag of at least a few days between when I complete a project and when it shows up on the invoice.

CashKarma (Doreen) is up to 2,946 points.   I am 8,054 points away from our next $10.00 gift certificate.

CashKarma (Jamey)  is up to 2,136 points.   He is 7,864 points away from a $10.00 gift certificate.

Checkout 51 is up to .26.  This one is going very slowly as I have not gone to a brick and mortar store since February 28th.  Thus this one is only building a few cents at a time during the rare times when they have a video to watch.

DailyBreak (Doreen) I continually forget this one so I am only up to 721 points.   I once had more but went so long without logging in that they took all of my points away.

DailyBreak (Jamey)  Jamey is much, much better at remembering DailyBreak.  He is up to 20,255 points.  And has already cashed out once for a $25 gift card.

E-Poll Express Yourself is up to 2450 points now.   We need an additional 4,800 points for our next $10.00 gift card.

Fetch   4179 points because we have not been going to brick and mortar stores to get receipts.  We connected this to our Amazon account as e-receipts are supposed to count but so far I am not seeing any sign of that.  (This is included here though as we have cashed out from Fetch (gift cards) in the past.)

Google Play (Doreen) I am at $4.55 atm but this tends to vary as I do use this money for various things on Google Play.

Google Play (Jamey) Jamey is at $13.11.  He uses this from time to time for small things.

Ibotta is up to $9.98 as connecting it to our Walmart account for grocery pickup and delivery is working.

InboxDollars is up to $12.11, need another $27.89 to cash out again.   (You can cash out at $30 but they charge you $3 to do that, so we prefer to wait until $40 so that we can keep everything we make.)

Kelloggs Family Rewards is back up to 910 points.   I just noticed that they are now allowing receipts from online orders too.  We'll give that a try and report back in next week's round up how it worked.

Mturk (Doreen)  My Mturk is up to $9.10 with one pending atm.   This is after cashing out $22.20 on June 12.  Mturk does an automatic biweekly cash out for me.

Mturk (Jamey)  Jamey's Mturk is up to $14.38 with one pending at the moment.  Last cash out was $42.67 on May 25th (he has his deposit once a month.)

Nielsen - is up to 2433 points.  It takes 1,500 points to get a $10 Amazon gift card and 3,750 points for a $25 Amazon gift card.  We usually get gift cards from Amazon but once we chose to get a headset instead.

Pawpoints is back up to 685 points.   When we reach 775 points, we can get another coupon for a free 25 pound box of cat litter.

PineCone is down to .50 because I cashed out $25 in the form of a Walmart gift certificate on June 14th.

Qmee (Doreen) is down to $5.29 as I cashed out $30 on June 14th.  Since I started, I have cashed out $177.06 on Qmee.

Qmee (Jamey ) is at $15.72.  Since he began, he's cashed out $89.12

Shopkicks is back up to 379 but is rising very slowly as since we are not going to brick and mortar stores, we are only earning shopkicks from watching videos.  It is going to take quite a while to get back up to 1250 for another $5 gift card.   (We used to accumulate points much faster when we were actually going to the store instead of ordering online only.)

SurveyJunkie is only back up to $1.61 as I don't do it often because the prices for surveys are not very good and I get kicked out of most of them.    I stick with it though as each point is worth one cent and over the time I have been on it, I have earned 7,027 points, i.e., $70.27 worth.  (I have cashed out on this one several times, so as with everything else on this page, I know they actually do pay.)

Swagbucks.  We are back up to 2075 swagbucks, so we just need another 125 to get our next $25 egift card at the beginning of June using that once a month special deal.   We currently have a 75 swagbucks swagup, so we will get a 75 swagbucks rebate as long as we get it before July 4th.

UsabilityHub (Doreen).  My UsabilityHub is back up to $3.80.  I need to get it back up to at least $10 before I can cash it out again.   So far I have cashed out from Usability Hub six times, $88.70 total.

UsabilityHub (Jamey) is at $9.10.  Total cashed out for him is $26.30

Other minor sources of income for us include our Teespring and Redbubble shops. I think Jamey is feeling hungry as his pick for this week's showcase product is

There Is No Wrong Time For Dessert White T-Shirt
This is a verified charity product on Teespring.  10% of the profits for everything in this shop
are donated to a cat welfare group, Foster Mama Kittys directly by Teespring.

Our Online Work Income as of June 19, 2020

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