Sunday, June 14, 2020

Weekly Tallies For Our Online Income

Since some of our income is in points that eventually get turned into gift cards, I'm going to just include some of them in a weekly roundup post instead of in the daily (or almost daily) income posts.

First though, let me give you

Our Income For  June 12, 2020 

Jamey got $12.51 from a Rev transcription job

My income was

Appen: $1.65
Mturk:  $3.60  (updated on June 15, 2020 to include a $2 Mturk bonus)

=  $17.76 for the day between us.

 I also signed up for a survey that lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes and will pay $30 for the first part, after which they will decide if you qualify for the second part.  If I do, then that will pay an extra $50.  I have to wait to find out if I have been accepted for it. 

I'm also continuing to research other online income capabilities that I can handle with my limitations.  I will post in here about anything that I end up doing that I actually earn income from.

now onto the

Weekly Round Up: June 7 - 13, 2020

note: the first batch of information is not from just this week.  It is the totals for where we are at the moment, since the last time we cashed the points in for e-gift cards.  These are not the only ones we do, just the ones we do the most.  Others come in by invitation from time to time.

Swagbucks - 1547 total atm (That is not just from this week.  We used to be able to earn $50 - $75 a month in gift certificates from Swagbucks, but lately we are only getting $25 a month.  Still I can't complain as we have cashed out gift cards from Swagbucks 43 times and each one was for either $25 or $50 so even with the recent issues, they are still a keeper.)

It all does help as come July we will have $175 in Walmart e-gift cards between Swagbucks, Accelerant and PineCone to use on our next order.

Shopkicks - 353 shopkicks.  I have not been to Walmart in person since February 28th due to Covid-19, so I have been reaccumulating shopkicks very slowly (since we donated 500 shopkicks to Feeding America) via the videos available each day.  It takes 1250 shopkicks to get a $5 gift card.

CashKarma - 2879  It takes 11,000 points to get a $10 egift card.  So far we have cashed in twice from it once on August 23, 2020 and once on March 6, 2020.  This is not one of our main sources of income but the occasional extra $10 egift card is always nice.   I am at Reward Level 4 on it.

And here is the weekly round up part:

note: these are not the only ones that I do but these are all ones that I have personally cashed out of in the past so I know they are legitimate.

Appen:  $19.75 for this week.  I was paid $57.70 this week (to my PayPal) by Appen for the work I did in May.   Since I started, I have been paid a total of $172.12 from Appen.  As an indepent contractor, I am paid monthly, so what I earned this week will be part of my Appen pay that I receive in mid July.

InBox Dollars:  $0.91  (We have $10.96 total credit and won't be cashing out again until we reach at least $40.  Our last cashout (for $41.34) was in mid April.)

Mturk: $9.70.  So far I have earned $183.02 from Mturk in 2020 and $1,369.89 since I first started using Mturk in 2018.

PineCone:   $3.00 which is what I needed to reach the point that I can get a $25 egift certificate from PineCone.  In the past, I have mostly cashed out my PineCone earnings to cash via PayPal but decided to start saving up for gift certificates instead. Since starting PineCone in 2019, I have cashed out $80 in cash and one $50 gift card.  This is not counting the $25 gift card I will be cashing out later.

Qmee:  $3.84    (I have a total of $30.21 on Qmee now which I will be cashing out within the next 24 hours.  My last Qmee cashout (for $26.22) was on April 10th.  So far I have cashed out $147.06 since I started using Qmee in April of 2019.)

SurveyJunkie:  $0.60 (for one very long survey).   I only have 153 points reaccumulated since the last time I cashed out but since I started SurveyJunkie, I have earned 7,019 points which equates to $70.19.  This is not one of my primary ones but I work on it from time to time as I know it pays because I have cashed out several times from it.


earned about $28 for the week including $24.51 from Rev transcription jobs

We do have a few other ways of earning income such as our Redbubble shop and Teespring shops including products like our I Am Not Amused pocket kitty which we offer on 76 different products on Redbubble.   I used this design on the facemask that I wear myself.

 I am not amused stickers available on Redbubble
This is our I Am Not Amused pocket kitty (seen here as a sticker)

We would love to hear how from you letting us know how you earn your online income.

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